Chad's Start in his Industry, in his own words:

I started repossessing when I was eighteen years old. I worked for that company for a couple of years. The owner of the company used to repossess cars in the field. He was not much for working in the office. I worked hard for this company in my own small pickup truck and a tow dolly. I quickly became a master at picking and hot wiring cars. One day his vice president took me out to lunch and informed me that the owner is very envious of me because I could recover more cars than he could. She then told me that I should look for a new job. This was very strange to me at the time. I was the number one recovery agent and I was able to bring on two new clients that doubled our business.

I thought about my options and at the time I was going to school and wanted to be in building trades so I decided I would continue to work at finishing college. About one month later I received a call from a major lender. He asked me if I would consider opening up my own repossession company. I then told him that I love the repossession business and I would like to start my own however that would require money I did not have, He then gave me an offer I could not turn down. They gave me a zero interest loan for $100k that is only to be paid back if the business made money. I then worked very hard and the business started to grow. I became a great skip tracer and that really helped this company.

Four years later I bought the company I used to work for and the owner of that company then came to work for me. Now we are one of the largest repossession companies in the USA. Repossessors Inc currently has locations in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Wyoming. Our sister company based in Arizona is Allstate Recovery Bureau, Inc. which currently has locations in Arizona and New Mexico. Our company also manages repossession accounts nationwide for several lenders.
Chad Latvaaho
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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